Toddlers are at a stage where they are very eager to explore. Why not offer your 1 year old the best Usborne books that will allow them to put that energy to good use? The best Usborne Books for 1 year olds have simple illustrations, engaging and interactive fiction or informational text, and rhythmic stories. These books help toddlers reach new milestones.

Much of the child’s first 2 years are spent with them learning about their identity. Usborne books and More has many titles to support them in their discoveries. Some developmental domains your toddler is working on include: language development and emergent reading skills.

The best Usborne books for language development include books that will expand background knowledge and vocabulary.

My First Word Book includes 270 familiar words for children to spot and learn paired with adorable illustrations everyone will enjoy. Words are grouped into themes including ‘Animals’, ‘At home’, ‘My body’, ‘Bedtime’ and lots more. (Other titles in this series: First Word Book on the Farm, My First Word Book About Food, My First Word Book About Me, and My First Word Book About Things That Go)

My First 100 Words is a collection of nine tiny board books that are sized just right for little hands. These board books that include 100 commonly used words come in a case that includes a matching game. The books can also be used to stack! (Other titles in this series: I Can Count, My Farm Animal World, and My Wild Animal World)

Very First Book of Things To Spot is a “look-and-talk” book for young children that can grow with them as their language becomes more complex. You can use the text to expand on their vocabulary as you practice prepositions, colors, and counting, or you can simply use the book to spot and talk about various objects in their environment. (Other titles in this series: Very First Book of Things To Spot At Home and Very First Book of Things to Spot Out and About)

Baby’s Very First Playbook Animal Words is a brightly colored book with cut outs, finger trails, textures and labeled animal names. These study board books with rounded edges are lick proof, teething proof, and can be wiped clean after sticky fingers find them!

The best Usborne books for emergent reader skills include books that have repetitive text, rhythm and rhyming, and simple illustrations.

That’s Not My Zoo Box Set: Our “That’s Not My” series is Usborne Books and More’s most popular series. These study board books with rounded edges are also lick proof, teething proof, and can be wiped clean after sticky fingers find them! The background of each page changes colors to re-engage little one’s focus, and each page has repetitive text with textures to explore and discuss.

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur is a great read-aloud book that will engage your toddler’s attention and get him/her up and moving around! This book follows the dirty dinosaur’s playful antics and your child may want to join in with the sniffing, snuffing, shaking, tapping, stamping, splashing and sliding, not to mention the mud! Lots of rhyming will encourage your 1 year old to practice “reading” along with you! (Another title in this series: I’m A Hungry Dinosaur)

B is for Bedtime is a timeless, before-bed read-aloud everyone will enjoy. Your 1 year old will rock to sleep listening to many sounds from the english language that will support their emergent reader skills. B is for Bedtime is Margaret Hamilton’s first picture book, and its endearing characters are brought to life by award-winning Anna Pignataro’s adorable illustrations.

Phonics Readers such as Raccoon on the Moon and Other Tales are my daughter’s current FAVORITE. We read it as soon as she wakes up, and multiple times throughout the day. As I’m writing this, she is just barely 23 months old, and she can already fill in the missing rhymes in each story. This is a combined volume, so it has 6 hilarious and entertaining phonics stories! Each story is told with rhythmic text and phonic repetition specially designed to develop essential language and early reading skills.


Happy reading!
Ashley at Best Usborne Books